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Seven Days For Humanity

A shocking new work by Ken Trethewey

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Seven Days For Humanity: PAPERBACK PRICE 7.95 GBP

Other titles available:

The Brecker Brothers: Funky Sea, Funky Blue ***

John McLaughlin: The Emerald Beyond;  PAPERBACK PRICE £10.95 2nd Edition

Read a review of John McLaughlin's latest album, Now Hear This.

Pat Metheny: The Way Up Is White; PAPERBACK PRICE £10.95

Jazz-Fusion: Blue Notes and Purple Haze; PAPERBACK PRICE £10.95

Herbie Hancock: Blue Chip Keyboardist; PAPERBACK PRICE £10.95

Miles Davis: Dark Prince; PAPERBACK PRICE £12.95

Weather Report: Electric Red; PAPERBACK PRICE £10.95

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