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We also specialize in lighthouse books. Our stock changes quite often, so please check here regularly to see what is currently for sale.

North Atlantic Lighthouses by Jean Guichard and Ken Trethewey is a collaboration between English pharologist Ken Trethewey with the world's most famous lighthouse photographer, Jean Guichard. (Remember that poster of the lighthouse keeper with the enormous wave coming up behind him?)

This beautiful book, published by Flammarion, is now out of print but you can find it pre-owned and in good condition in many stores, including the Amazon website. Check with us too as we often have copies for sale.

The Keepers by Ken Trethewey is a book of historical fiction that tells the story of the history of the Eddystone lighthouse, and also a family of lighthouse keepers, one of who became keeper of the Eddystone Light. Why not try this book as a bedtime read, an exciting tale of adventure in the 18th century? All readers of this story have been delighted with it. Check your local Amazon website or contact us for a quick, simple purchase.